17 juni 2017 | Wanted

People to help saving the Lakenvelder outside the Netherlands

The Lakenvelder is a very rare dutch breed. It is known for centuries and there is always a big risk the Lakenvelder will extinct. Sometimes it is diseases risks (for example foot and mouth disease 2001). Sometimes it is the government who makes breeding Lakenvelders almost impossible (it was forbidden keeping a lakenvelder bull in the period 1950-1953 and recently the phuspate reduction plan made, it was not interesting to keep double purpose cows). So only keeping Lakenvelders in the Netherlands is a very big risk for the breed.

To decrease the risk and save the Lakenvelder, Frank Haverman from Canada made a plan. He wants to buy pure bred embryos and import them in Canada. In that way in Canada a pure bred herd of Lakenvelders can grow. But this idea would work even better if more people want to help. So the question is: Do you live outside the Netherlands and do you want to help saving the Lakenvelder; please contact Frank Haveman. If you want some very great Lakenvelders in your fields, that would help the breed. Together we can flush great cows and give the Lakenvelders a better and safer future!

Frank Haveman



Reurt Boelema


+1 519 550-9873

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